Infinity e-Search BPO Case

The Gurgaon BPO fraud has created an embarrassing situation for Infinity e-Search, the company in which Mr Karan Bahree was employed.

A British newspaper had reported that one of its undercover reporters had purchased personal information of 1,000 British customers from an Indian call-center employee. However, the employee of Infinity eSearch, a New Delhi-based web designing company, who was reportedly involved in the case has denied any wrongdoing. The company has also said that it had nothing to do with the incident.

In the instant case the journalist used an intermediary, offered a job, requested for a presentation on a CD and later claimed that the CD contained some confidential data. The fact that the CD contained such data is itself not substantiated by the journalist.

In this sort of a situation we can only say that the journalist has used "Bribery" to induce a "Out of normal behavior" of an employee. This is not observation of a fact but creating a factual incident by intervention. Investigation is still on in this matter.

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